Sunday, 26 August 2012

Crazy Summer

The summer has been a crazy one and I have not done a lot of hobbying. I have played a fair amount sof magic the gathering and been involved in the Sedition Wars kickstarter and the Reaperminis kickstarter for the bones range.

I have decided to attempt to refine my hobby down to one or two armies per system and refine the systems. 


Warmachine: Khador (150pts)
Hordes: Trollbloods (150pts)
40k: Space Marine (2000pts) Orks (2000pts)
Epic: Chaos (50000), Spacemarines (50000)
Sedition Wars - TBC
SpaceHulk - one complete box
GW Pirate game name escapes me - one complete box
Role playing minis - Reaperminis
Firestorm Armada

To sell on and liquidate:

All Flames of war
All the rest of my epic 
All the rest of my 40k
Everything else unpainted!
All rest of everything / massive bits box



  1. On a side note, I just found your posts for a d20 rpg sci-fi. It's probably gonna be tough to find, but a company put out a version of Traveler with d20 rules (Traveler20). You might check that out IF you can find it.

    1. Hi Ken. I have heard traveller is a good sci fi Roleplaying game with an extensive background. I'll take a look :) thanks. On another note I am going to Conception in Dorset in England in January. Hopefully I will get to play some sci fi RPG's and see what I like :)